PopTeeVee – That Okay song

Verse 1
Going downtown going underground
“What’s the best place to get good DVD9’s lah macha?”
Well I kinda know a guy in Chinatown
“Petaling Street? Aisey-man situ selalu kena raid lah beb.”
But my taukay always brings all the prices down
“Okay-lah, but that one if kena saman cannot get diskaun wan.”
It’s all settled coz the guy is from my hometown
“Wah. Eh can help settle mine ah? Dah bertimbun-lah bro.”

Verse 2
Stuck in a car on a highway
“Look at this fella here. Bawa kereta macam jalan bapak dia. Hoi.”
Everyone’s driving like it’s Sunday
“Yang ‘ni pulak sure lesen kopi punya, 100 percent!”
But for real it happens every damn day
“Kesian cik adik ‘ni pulak kena accident. Faster take the nombor.”
Coz we blame it on the floods, the trucks, the traffic lights, and the rempits cutting in lanes left to right

Pre-Chorus 1
Myl. You should grow a misai. Then you’d be a micho.
What the hell is a micho-lah?
“Misai Macho”
Fulamak. Goes well with my kopi jantan-lah.

Hey, it’s okay.
We gotta live for a better day. (Hey!)
Now we give a little a love and we’re on our way
Kita kaotim everything, parava-illay

You say, don’t play play
Kita mudah lupa but we say “nay”. (Nay!)
Now we got a little love, keep it on replay
You say semua tak boleh, tapi we all okay aje!

Verse 3
“Why the all tak habis-habis reminding us to be grateful. What’s up man?”
Why does it feel like its just a game?
“The same familiar fat faces on billboards, tv, paper, blah, blah, blah”
Same faces, catchphrases and bad cliches
“Check out this lame rhyming rhetorics, man… Hit me Ezra”
Things like… bersabar, jangan cabar, bersyukur, jangan lupa, muda lupa, cemerlang gemilang terbilang.

Pre-chorus 2
How long you going to be away again? Visa dah settle dah?
Dah. My visa can tahan three months.
You going to some tropical paradise getaway kan?
Yeah some damn nice gila exotic place called Kuching and KK



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